Friday, April 26, 2013



Every winter day, in some predawn hour,
Grandfather would drag his shivering bones
out of bed, don that old wool coat over his
long johns, then shove cold feet into worn out
mining boots to go outside into the biting cold.
He’d trudge across the outside porch that led
to the old basement door, then enter that dank

foyer and descend the worn concrete steps
to the coal room, where coal chunks glistened
like black diamonds under a bare incandescent
bulb. Upon opening the iron door of the
furnace his calloused hands would shake the
grate, then grip the old coal shovel and hurl fresh
coal on top of the glowing red and blue embers.
He did this while Grandmother slept comfortably
on the ground floor; my parents, sisters and I
on the warmer floor above. He repeated this

routine without complaint, day in and day out.
No one ever thanked him. Each morning we
grandchildren would rise, walking the warmed floor
on tiny bare feet, accustomed to the comfort of
the kitchen with our hot tea, toast and jam, as if
it were an entitlement. How were we to know?
How were we to know what’s taken years to
comprehend? How love comes in oh so many
shapes and sizes; how even in this, Grandfather’s
ritual, was hidden a wealth of unspoken love?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Answers by Peg Hanna

Let go and Let God"
How many times
have I heard
the phrase I profess to believe.
I worry.

Did He hear me?
Am I too demanding
trying to hard to solve
the problem I created?
I worry.

In time it's solved.
My solution or God's?
I've owned the pressure.
I continue

to worry and pray
through the next problem
realizing that
Answers come in His time
I know

I need Him.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Answers by Saundra Crum Akers

Saundra said this poem was inspired by David Bell's poem, Answers.

Ask and ye shall receive

The Bible says it's so.

Knock and the door will open

And inside it you may go.

So why are our prayers not answered

Things don’t go the way they should go

When we ask for our loved ones to stay

But God decides they must go.

Ask and ye shall receive, but what is it you will get?

Perhaps it’s an understanding you haven’t found as yet.